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Wandering Boulder of Capitol Reef
What is the Wandering Boulder of Capitol Reef?

The Wandering Boulder is a 30,000 pound rock the size of a small car that was lost from Capitol Reef until amateur archaeologist and historian Ronald Bodtcher rediscovered it in California (!) in 2010. The boulder features Fremont Indian petroglyphs, Spanish markings and Mormon Pioneer graffiti, making the boulder interesting and valuable to archaeologists and historians.

The pioneer graffiti, along with a previously unpublished manuscript, were an important part of the many documents, photographs and other material that Bodtcher relied upon in uncovering and reporting the true history of the founding of the Junction (now Fruita in Capitol Reef National Park). Bodtcher has also documented a second, previously-undocumented spiral on top of the boulder. This faint, highly-eroded marking was nearly washed away by 30+ years of rainwater pouring down on the boulder from the roof of an adjacent building. Bodtcher's goal is to conserve this artifact and return it to Capitol Reef.

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